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Contact us with our form or by phone at (Tuedays 1pm-4pm) : 020 735 4750


You may pay for services provided at the Arvo psychologist and psychotherapist reception yourself. In such cases, the number of sessions is usually 5-15. You may also pay for services provided by Arvo with the Kela rehabilitative psychotherapy support (see below) or insurance. 


Kela provided support for individual rehabilitative psychotherapy. Rehabilitation is given on a weekly basis, with each therapy session taking 45 minutes. When looking for a psychotherapist, it is a good idea to meet with one on a familiarisation session before beginning the actual rehabilitative psychotherapy. 

All of our psychotherapists are certified by Kela and Valvira. Our therapists are trained in cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), specialising in rehabilitative psychotherapy for children, youths and adults. Kela grants support for rehabilitative psychotherapy. This requires a medical certificate issued by a physician. For additional information, please contact us either by email or call: +358 (0)20 735 4750

Psychotherapy rates

One individual psychotherapy session is 82-95 euros/45 min.  Possible Kela compensation is 57.60 euros. Clients of the CBT centre at Arvo do not need to apply for Kela compensation - the psychotherapist will apply on your behalf. Clients only pay the deductible for each session. 

When paying yourself (i.e. no rehabilitative psychotherapy support from Kela), you may book an appointment online. In such cases, the rate for each session is 85 euros/45 min. 

Clients are billed for their sessions once a month. A service fee of four euros is added to each monthly invoice.
You can reach us by phone on Tuedays at 1pm-4pm:  020 735 4750
You can use our contact request form to ask about available times

E-appointment services available for self-paying customers. NOTE! Appointments for rehabilitative psychotherapy cannot be booked online.

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