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Tampere experts

All of our psychotherapists are upper specialist level (YET) or advanced specialist level (VET) psychotherapists, and are certified by Kela and Valvira. Our therapists are trained in cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), specialising in rehabilitative psychotherapy for children, youths and adults.  

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Arto Pietikäinen

Psychotherapist, YET (MSc, Pedagogy), Occupational health psychologist

Elisa Nordström

Psychotherapist, YET (MSc, Health Sciences, teacher) Specialisation studies in photography therapy

Annika Haavisto

Psychotherapist (YET), Physiotherapist

Leena Isolahti

Psychotherapist (YET)

Anneli Leinonen

Psychtherapist (YET), Social worker (MSoc.Sc), Psychiatric nurse

Anne Lähteenmäki

Psychotherapist, YET (Neuropsychiatric ADHD coach, Supervisor, Special education teacher)

Outi Koskela

Psychotherapist, YET, Medical specialist in general practice, Occupational health physician

Piritta Anias

Psychologist (PsM), Psychotherapist

Jaana Lehtonen

Psychotherapist (YET), Nurse (YAMK)

Marko Mäkelä

Psychotherapist, Master of Social Sciences (M.Soc.Sc), Psychiatric nurse

You can reach us by phone on Tuedays at 1pm-4pm:  020 735 4750
You can use our contact request form to ask about available times

E-appointment services available for self-paying customers. NOTE! Appointments for rehabilitative psychotherapy cannot be booked online.

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